Monday, March 5, 2012

Sunday March 4, 2012-Caddo Lake NWR

It was a cold 49 degrees this morning so we were rather slow in rising. It was nice to stay piled up in the bed and stay covered up, but we finally made it up. As soon as the sun came up over the trees, the temperatures rose and it became a nice day.

We decided to drive over to Jefferson, a small and historic town nearby. This is where we had gone a couple of weeks ago to the Mardi Gras parade but we had not been able to explore it for ourselves. Nearly every building and home on the main roads of Jefferson has a historical marker on it but weren't interested in these today. We drove around looking at the sights and noticed that there was a motorcycle rally being held in town today. No, it wasn't the Hell's Angels but a large group of middle age folks just out enjoying a very nice day. I saw a couple of the bikes with Patriot Guard signs on them. Patriot Guard members escort fallen heroes of the service when their bodies are returned from overseas.

We stopped off at The General Store and found a huge assortment of old style candies, locally made jellies and jams and other "tourist trap" style items to buy. We resisted the urge to buy and managed to get out without spending any money. We ate at Kit's Kornbread, as recommended by friends. This is a different type of restaurant and while very tasty, we found them pretty spendy for what you get. We're glad we went there but likely won't return. We got some pie to take home with us to share with our neighbors. Again, very tasty but high priced!

We came on back home and after taking the dogs out, we shared the pies that we had brought back with Todd and Sue over coffee. While sitting outside, we met a new worker here at the park, who will be working on the Giant Salvinia problem at Caddo Lake. It was interesting to talk to him so soon after taking the training on the invasive species that we got yesterday. We understood what he was talking about and probably wouldn't have before the training. He will be staying at the fire hall in the dorms there.

Todd and Sue are leaving tomorrow for a vacation in New Orleans. Todd does most of the carpentry here and works very hard, much harder than I want to do. When I retired, I vowed to not work very hard again and am trying very hard to live up to my promise. So far, it's working...

So long.

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