Sunday, March 25, 2012

Saturday March 24, 2012-Caddo Lake NWR

Today began with a cool morning but it soon warmed up and was a very nice day. I'll bet those kids over in the state park were pretty chilly though, sleeping in their tents with no heaters. I remember those days but they were a loooong time ago and I don't want to go back!

I went down and opened the gates this morning but my knee was really bothering me, so I came back home and took it easy for most of the morning. There was a large group of Master Naturalists that had a meeting here this morning. Todd and Sue had volunteered to cook lunch for them around noon and Stella went over to help them but I stayed in and nursed my knee. Mark sent word to me, asking me to go check out a couple of the 4 wheelers so he could take some reporters out on the trails. Well, it turned out that someone had used one of them and had not cleaned it up or fueled it up, but I got 'er done!

I returned home and before you knew it, we were on our way to the state park. When we got there, everyone was out fishing so Stella and I hung around their campsite waiting for them to return. They were back pretty soon and the festivities soon began!

This is all about Ian's 4th birthday! He is a sweet little boy and enjoyed his day today.

He pitched right in and gathered some sticks for the fire. I didn't have the heart to tell him that this is frowned upon by the Park Rangers, but they'll never miss these few sticks. It really does make the park look better and removes some trip hazards, but rules are rules...

Ian and Aunt Katherine played a little catch with the football. Ian throws really well. Maybe he'll grow up to be a football player. Let's see, Tyler wants to be a veterinarian, Cameron will be a baseball player and Ian a football player. Yep, there will be someone to take care of Grampa when he gets too old to travel any more.

Aunt Katherine, Ian and Melissa laying around. Melissa is taking a picture of me, taking a picture of them.

Aunt Katherine, Ian and Daddy Jay getting the firepit ready. Lunch will be ready soon!

That sure is a cute little boy. I wasn't asleep, I was resting my eyes. I was!

That boy is sooo fast on that bicycle! It took a quick finger and a fast shutter speed to catch him speeding by!

Aunt Katherine and Momma Jennifer fixing some potatoes for supper. Nothing beats the taste of food cooked over a campfire.

Now Momma Jennifer makes some steak to add to our dining delight. Hard to beat!

Here is the group! Ian, Momma Jennifer, Daddy Jay and Aunt Melissa.

No daddy, this is how you open a gift.

Wow, all this for ME??

Lets see now, play with my new truck or eat some birthday cake... Decisions, decisions...

It was a great day and we all had a good time. Ian never got a nap in, and I bet it wasn't too late before he conked out.

We returned home and locked up, ending our day. You know, family is what its all about.

So long.


2psnapod1 said...

Looks like you had a great day! There's nothing like spending time with those you love.

Hope your knee is feeling better soon!

Ted and Donna said...

I missed these the first time. You must have added the photos later. Looks like a great camping weekend for the entire family. I'm glad the weather was good and you were able to join them. Little Ian had a wonderful weekend.