Sunday, March 18, 2012

Saturday March 17, 2012-Caddo Lake NWR

Another very nice morning here in the forests of the National Wildlife Refuge. We had our coffee and got dressed to go visit my Aunt Janie and her husband Gail in Center TX. There was little traffic on the road and we made better time than we planned, so when we called Janie a little before 11AM, she told us to come over to her house and we would go to lunch from there. When we got to their beautiful home, we had a nice but short visit before going to the Center Country Club for lunch. There were a few cars and trucks in the club parking lot because of a golf tournament but we were the only ones in the restaurant. Sorry but I forgot to bring my camera.

After lunch we took a ride around town before going back to their house for leftover birthday cake and coffee. We had a nice long visit, sitting outside on the back porch and enjoying the nice afternoon. Janie let me play with her I-Pad but I'm still not convinced that we need one. I can see some uses for one but I think we have enough electronic gadgets right now. My mind could be changed, so if you've got $500 laying around you can buy me one and then I'll know if I can use one for sure...

So long.

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