Saturday, March 10, 2012

Thursday March 8, 2012-Caddo Lake NWR

It was cool again this morning, although it was warmer than it had been. I went down to the shop this morning to talk to Josh but no one was there yet. I went to the main office but no one was there either. Josh was supposed to have gotten some storage bins to put nuts and bolts into just to clean up the tool room but since no one was there, I didn't know if he had gotten them so I went back home. Stella and I took a ride around the auto tour route just to check on things. When we returned home, Todd was outside and said he had talked to Josh and that nothing had been bought yet, so we all decided to take a day off.

We ended up hanging around here for the rest of the day. I read some on my Kindle Fire while sitting up on the pavilion which attracted everyone to come up and sit with me. I guess you could say we had happy hour a little early.

Stella cut my hair for me later in the afternoon but soon after she got through it started to rain, just like the weatherman had predicted. Of course, he predicted rain all day long too, but we all know they've been wrong before...

It rained hard all night, making it miserable for me to go out and lock the gates. I was soaked when I got through but I got 'er dun! I drove carefully when making the security round because of the possibility of falling trees but none were found. As hard as it was raining, I'm not sure I'd have tried to move one anyway but at least I would have known about it tomorrow.

I got home and took off my wet clothes and put on some dry sweats and warmed right up! That fireplace sure felt good.

So long.

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