Saturday, June 20, 2009

Friday June 19, 2009-Goshen to St. Marys Ohio

We woke this morning about 5:30 to get finished packing to leave. It had rained all night and was still raining this morning. We got finished about 6:45 and left for Lippert to have the new springs installed. Before we left I saw Marv and Karen Osborn, some friends that we had made at the Heartland rally, leaving to go to Trail Air to have their hitch adjusted.

We got to Lippert a few minutes after 7 and were immediately taken into the shop. I backed it into the shop so they could do the work out of the rain. I asked to have the wet bolt system installed, since they would be removing the suspension to replace the springs. The parts for the kit are $47.58 and there is no labor charge. I told them to go ahead with this installation. It will allow me to lubricate the suspension now. Another chore for me to take care of.....

We went to eat at Lux's cafe where we had gone the other night with Tom & Judy and Bob & Christina. Breakfast was good and they were nice enough to keep bringing coffee as long as we wanted it. From Lux we went to Wal Mart to pick up a few items and to kill a little more time before we had to pick up the trailer. I stopped at the Speedway Gas station and took on 64.5 gallons at $2.45 per gallon to go 709.9 miles for an 11 MPG average. Much better.....

We got to Lippert about 9:15 and went to the shop where the trailer was. There was no one in the shop so I walked in the rain to an adjoining shop to ask where I could find the techs that had done the work. I was told to go to the front building where the office was located. We drive into the lot again but couldn't find the office, so I returned to the truck entrance to ask for directions again. I went into one of the little metal portable office buildings to ask and after being given the directions, I stepped outside and slipped in the very slick mud in front of the office. I wasn't hurt but embarrassed and covered in mud. I later found some scratches on my right leg and knee, but nothing bad. We soon found the office and paid our bill. The trailer looks fine and seems to be sitting a little higher, but the tech told me that it would only be an inch or so higher.

It continued to rain as we left Goshen. The rain finally stopped somewhere between Goshen and Fort Wayne Ind. We have run into so much rain on this trip, I don't know if I'll ever get the trailer cleaned up. Every time we get to our destination I clean the bugs off the front cap, so they don't stain, but then it rains again and I don't get the trailer clean.

We got to the park (Grand Lake St. Mary state park, Ohio) about 1:30. This is not a bad park, but its a typical state park. They do not have water service to the sites, but do have a non-potable water supply available when you enter the park. since there is no water at the sites, there is no sewer except a sewer dump that is available when exiting the park. This is not a park that we would normally stay in but Donna has a family reunion near, and wanted us to come here with them, so it is worth it to come. Rick and Brenda arrive tomorrow from the IRV2 rally in Dundee Ohio.

We got all set up, including our Dish network antenna. This is not so bad a place now that we are all set up. We have friendly neighbors and the park is quiet and dark at night. The only complaint that I have is that no one picks up after their dog in the walk area.

Ted and Donna went to their reunion and I went to the shower house and cleaned up. I had mud all over my legs from the fall at Lippert and was hot and sweaty from setting everything up here. We watched television and chilled out in the trailer for the rest of the night.

Stella did learn that we are under a tornado watch tonight. We need to get one of those weather radios that come on when the weather gets bad. We didn't have any weather issues although it did rain all night.

So long for now.

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