Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wednesday June 17, 2009

I slept until 6:30 this morning. It is getting easier to sleep later every day. I went out about 8 to walk around the park. It is still cool and rainy this morning with temperatures in the upper 50's and very damp.

There are still 8 Heartland trailers in the park. Two had pulled out this morning to have service done on their rigs. I had not heard from Lippert yesterday about them doing any work on our trailer, but while I was walking, I saw a Lippert man (I recognized him from the rally) walking toward my trailer. I met him and found out that I could bring the trailer in this afternoon which would mean we would have to put everything away to move the trailer and then return here or we could wait until Friday morning when we were planning to leave. He said the work would only take an hour and a half or so, so I decided to wait until Friday morning and we will leave after the work is done. I think it is great that both Heartland and Lippert stand behind their products so well.

Judy called and invited us to come over for dinner tonight. Stella told her that we would be there. She told me that she will fix a cherry cobbler to take over with us.

With that done, we decided to go over to Elkhart to look around. I wanted to find Pinnacle Transportation where I worked about 9 years ago. Elkhart has changed a lot and since I have slept since I worked there, I have forgotten how to get there. We did go to a couple of truck and trailer part stores, the Dually Depot and Dan's Service Center in Elkhart.We didn't buy anything at either store but did look at some power extending mirrors for the truck.

Stella wanted to go back to the flea market in Shipshewanna, so we made our way back over there. By the time we got there, about 3:30, many of the booths were closing. The flea market closes down at 5, so I guess it's not surprising that they start shutting down a little early.

We returned to the park and I went over to Tom and Judy's trailer to chat with Tom and Bob before eating. Judy and Christina took a break from cooking and asked about Stella. I told them that she was cooking and would be there soon. When Stella got through with her dish, I went over and got it and carried it over to tom's trailer. We soon sat down inside and had a great meal with our friends.

Another great day with friends in Goshen Indiana.

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