Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday June 15, 2009

Today most of the rigs that had stayed here left, either to go home, to continue on their travels or to one of the repair shops. Many had made arrangements to have work done at the Heartland shop, RV Capitol, one of the authorized factory repair shops in or around Elkhart or for suspension work at Mor Ride. Luckily for us, we didn't need any serious work done to our coach.

We went up to the fairgrounds office to extend our stay here until Friday. Since we came in a few days early and are staying after the rally, we qualified for the weekly rate. It only cost us $42.00 to stay 3 more nights. Nice.

We rode with Bill over to Shipshewanna for a little more shopping at the bakeries and the Yoder's meat market there. We ended up spending about $50.00 in total, so we're pretty well fixed up for food for the next few days. We drove over into Michigan, so Bill could say he had been over there, We only went to White Pigeon where we turned around and came back over into Indiana. Stella didn't want to stop at the Bigfoot leveling system store.

We came on back to the park and put everything away. I took a little short nap and went outside to visit. Bob and Christina had come back from having some work done on their rig at Heartland. Their's is an '06 model that they love. Heartland is still working on it for them, but they had some extras done while they are here. They pull their Landmark with a Volvo, have a Smart Car behind the cab of the truck, and recently added a pin-on platform on the rear of the trailer to hold Bob's latest toy, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The whole rig looks like a train coming down the road, but they've got everything they want on it. They have to be careful of the parks they choose to be able to fit in, but they're happy with it.

We sat out for the rest of the afternoon and into the evening. Ornell and Stella fixed us some of those pizza rolls that are actually snack food, but after all the food we've eaten in the past week, these were all we needed.

I turned in about 9:30-before darkness fell up here-but stayed up watching television and playing on the 'puter until almost midnight. So there, Harry!

See ya,

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