Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday June 25, 2009, W. Memphis Arkansas

We woke this morning about 7:30 to find most of the trailers that had come in yesterday moving out. The couple from Houston pulled out about 8 but left us a small "greeting" that their dogs had left behind. People can be so nasty at times. It might not have been so bad if it had been left in the dog walk area or in a grassy pasture but this was in their site where someone coming into that site will have to deal with it. Okay, I'll get off my soap box now, rant over.

We were both hungry this morning so we decided to go to the Flying J truck stop that is nearby. We had signed up for a Flying J travel card while in Albuquerque and had gotten a free breakfast, so we decided to go there for breakfast. When we got there, they had a breakfast buffet that looked really good, so we opted for it instead of the free pancake breakfast. We will get our free one another time. We do get the credit for buying fuel there and anything else, and we get a discount on our fuel, so its a good deal.

We came back to the park and Stella got all our dirty clothes ready to wash. This park features free laundry, so we took advantage of it and washed up all our clothes. That took us until afternoon, and when she got back we decided to go to Graceland for the tour of Elvis' mansion. It was kind of pricey in my opinion at $29.70 per person with our senior discount. That price does not include the $10.00 parking fee. We got a tour of the mansion and the grounds (the upstairs is the private area and off limits to visitors), his car collection, his airplanes and many, many gold and platinum records and other awards that are displayed in his trophy room. It is an interesting museum about a man that had everything money could buy and shared it with his friends and family. It is interesting to note that we have just toured the Air Force One display at the Air Force Museum and Elvis' airplane is more plush and nicer that the Presidential aircraft. I guess Elvis had more money than the President.

When we finished up at the mansion, we went back to Beale St. and had supper at Dyer's burgers. This is a famous hamburger joint on the Beale St. strip. The restaurant was founded over one hundred years ago and has filtered and reused the same grease to cook in since opening. They add grease as necessary, but the basic grease is over a hundred years old. The burgers are very small but tasty. A big appetite could easily down a double meat burger but the single is fine. We finished up our meal with a delicious vanilla shake for dessert.

We came back to the park and will be leaving Memphis in the morning.

So long.

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