Friday, June 19, 2009

Thursday June 18, 2009

We slept in again this morning, until about 7 o'clock. These "late" nights are getting to us I guess since it stays light until 10 o'clock every night. Then it gets light around 6. I guess this is why there are so many farms around here, there is plenty of daylight for them to work in.

We did met a couple from Angleton that have a Bighorn 3670. Their names are Bill and Claire Nichols. She looks very familiar to me, and I first thought she worked in the courthouse, but she said she was a security guard at a couple of the plants in the area. He is retired from Dow but still works as a consultant. They are interested in coming to our next rally in October, and I will get them added to the list. We had a nice visit with them in the morning.

Tom & Judy and Bob & Christina went to Shipshewana today. The flea market is closed today but Yoder's Meat Mkt. is open as well as some other stores there. The meat market has an amazing amount of different meats, including many with no growth hormones used in the feeding of their beef. There were no samples of meat when we were there, but there were several varieties of cheese, which well all delicious. I tried every one I could find at least twice, so I know what I am talking about.

We hung out at the trailer for the afternoon, and about 4 o'clock I went outside to start putting things away in preparation for us leaving tomorrow. We have to be at Lippert at 7, so we will have to get most things ready tonight.

About 5:30, Judy and Christina came over and asked us to come over there for some wine and cheese that they had bought at Yoder's. Stella was working on stuff for her clients so I went on over to Tom's. We had a nice visit with them and we are looking forward to seeing them again in October at Rayford. We stayed over there until about 8 and went home for Stella to put more things away to get ready to go. All of my outside chores had been done.

Tomorrow's the big travel day!

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