Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Monday June 22, 2009-Last day at Grand Lake St. Mary

We woke to cook temperatures again, but still not as cool as Goshen was. Being Monday, most of the weekenders were gone but a surprising number of people were still here. We had coffee outside with our friends and Brenda came out with some delicious date/nut bread for breakfast.

We had seen a sign for the Airstream factory tours and had thought about going since it is about 8 miles away, but Donna said her brother is coming over with his pontoon boat to take us all for a boat ride around the lake. We left around 11:30 for a two hour ride. It got very hot until we picked up some speed, and then it was very enjoyable. Grand Lake is approximately 8 miles long and 3 miles wide, covers 13,500 acres, was originally constructed as a reservoir for the Miami and Erie canal. The lake is very shallow with an average depth of 5-7 feet. The most interesting thing about this lake is that it was hand dug in the early 1800's.

After the boat ride, we returned to the park and fixed hamburgers and brats for lunch. We had a good time with Donna's family and sat around chatting for some time in the afternoon. There was plenty of shade and a nice breeze, so we all enjoyed ourselves.

I went back to the trailer to work on the computer, and everyone else hung out at Ted and Donna's trailer. When I came back out, everyone was gone but Ted and Donna and Rick and Brenda and of course, Stella. They were all at T & D's house when I went out, so I joined them there. We sat around talking about the upcoming trip and Stella and I feeling bad because we can't go. We went back outside later and sat around, enjoying the night until after 10. We still can't get used to the sun staying up so late.

When we went in, I worked some more on the computer, but the connection here sucks! There is no wi-fi at the state park, so I used my aircard and router. I guess we're too far from a Verizon tower to get good internet connection, so it makes surfing very slow.

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