Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Monday June 1, 2009

We got up this morning and after checking emails and reading the news on the Internet, had some cereal for breakfast. We soon went outside and visited with Bill this morning. He was going into town this morning to run some errands, so we went with him. We went to the Tractor Supply store to get some fuel filters for the extra tanks on our trucks. Bill is letting me use a 100 gallon tank that he has for the trip so we won't have to stop for fuel so often. We also went to the Academy store to look at shirts for Stella and I. Ornell is going to embroider our names and a logo on the shirts. She has a computer program for doing that, and we are so grateful for her doing this for us.

We stopped off at a Weinerschneitzel hot dog store for lunch. Bill loves these things, but I wasn't hungry and didn't eat. While Bill and Stella ate their dogs, I went into the Kroger store to get some snacks for the trip. There are no Kroger stores in Port Arthur, so I had to go while we were in Beaumont.

We soon came back home and took naps. Seth had called and wanted to fry some shrimp tonight, so we got all rested up before everyone came over. I woke up to the sound of Bill's tractor running in the yard. Bill and Seth had started putting the 100 gallon fuel tank into the back of my truck. I went out and watched them get it installed and helped a little bit where I could. It looks good in the back of my truck, so now the truck is complete.

When we got through with the install, Ornell came home and wanted to go shopping before we ate. She picked up Tara and her baby Ethan, Stella and took off for the mall. We started the cooking while they were gone, and finished it up as they came back. We had shrimp, french fries, fried okra and they picked up some cole slaw and macaroni and cheese for the kids. We had another great meal.

After eating, Ornell started designing our shirts. she has already done some for her and Bill in the Landmark design, and made a Bighorn design for Stella and I. She got through with Stella's shirt and has two shirts to do for me. They look great and I can't wait to see the finished shirts. We'll be the envy of everyone at the rally next week.

Ornell also had some other good news. Her boss told her to take off when she wants to leave for Goshen. I think we'll wait until Thursday to leave, which will give us another day for traveling. It can't come soon enough for all of us.

So long for now.

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