Saturday, June 6, 2009

Friday June 5, 2009 still moving toward Goshen

We woke in Grenada Mississippi to cool temperatures, 61 degrees. Quite a change from Houston's 80's. We drank our coffee and sat around enjoying the morning.

We decided that we would drive to Sikeston Missouri to spend the night. This is the home of the famous Lambert's Throwed Rolls restaurant. We left the park at about 8:30 and made good time all morning. We stopped at a rest area in Miss. for our first pit stop. This brings back memories of my days of delivering trailers about 9 years ago. I slept in my truck in some of these same rest areas. A lot of this trip reminded me of those days.

We made only one more stop, in a Shell station/truck stop in Arkansas. Bill and Ornell picked up some fried fish that they said was wonderful, but I just got coffee. We continued on and arrived at the park in Sikeston about 1. The office was closed for lunch when we arrived, but had a sign on the front door to find a spot and come back to the office to sign in which is what we did. Stella had called ahead and made us two reservations, and since were already in our sites and registered, but about 7 o'clock, after we had returned from Lambert's, I got a call from the park, asking if we were lost. I told him no, we were sitting outside in our sites. He then realized that we had already checked in but he had neglected to check us off his list. We had a good laugh about that.

Lambert's is a great restaurant and was recently voted as best in America. I can believe it! Everything about this restaurant is first class. When you sit down, you can start off with the Throwed rolls. They get the delicious yeast rolls just after they come out of the oven so they are piping hot and throw them to the patrons that hold up their hands. It is a bad thing if you use your hands in this restaurant, because you will probably have rolls tossed at you all night long. When you order, they bring side dishes like fried okra, fried potatoes, macaroni and tomatoes, not to mention the toppings for the rolls, apple butter and sorghum syrup. You get your choice of entrees and have a large selection of side dishes with your meal, so there is absolutely no reason for someone to leave hungry. They even sent their van to the RV park to pick us up, so we wouldn't have to unhitch. Very thoughtful.

We decided on the route and stopovers for the rest of the trip. We will go to Terre Haute Indiana tomorrow and into Goshen on Sunday. This way, there is a good chance that we can go into our sites for the Heartland rally. We might even get to see our friends Jim and Reta before they leave the Mobile Suites rally.

We turned in about 8:30 when the bugs started biting us.

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