Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday June 26, 2009-Moving day, Memphis-Benton Ark.

We woke this morning to hot weather again.....We were getting used to the cool weather that we had in Goshen and Ohio, but it's getting to be summer time again. I had forgotten how oppressive the heat is in Little Rock Arkansas. We are actually in Benton, but Little Rock's weather is the same.

We woke this morning and ate a light breakfast of cereal instead of going back to the Flying J for our free breakfast. I helped Stella with putting away stuff in the trailer since there is almost nothing outside to put away. We left the park at 9:20 and were soon on I-40 heading west. We made good time until I noticed a small drop in oil pressure. I stopped off at a Travel America truck stop and checked the oil and sure enough, I was down about a quart. I went inside and bought two quarts and put one into the crankcase, so now all is well. We continued on down the road and only made one more pit stop at a rest area.

We got into Little Rock about 12:40 and made our way around the loop and into Benton. Both the GPS and the Woodall's book were wrong on their directions to this park. We have been here before and knew it was hard to see from the highway, but we were told to exit too soon, so it took us until about 1:15 to locate the park. We finally got hereand got all checked in. Since the temperature was around 100 degrees, I asked for a shady spot beside the river, but thats not going to happen here. There are many long-term residents and they have most of the shady sites taken and there is no water anywhere here.

This park is a good place to stop overnight while traveling through Little Rock Ark. There are no amenities but it does offer a full hookup site, no cable or wi-fi but it's only $20.00 ($21.00 for 50 amp electric). I can certainly recommend it as an overnight stop.

It's HOT here! The TV stations are saying a heat index of 105-110, so it was a good afternoon to crank up both air conditioners and stay inside the trailer. I napped from 2 until about 4 before Stella made us some supper.

I went down and introduced myself to another Heartland owner in a Bighorn 3670 and took him one of the contact cards. He has lived here in this park for about a year and said he intends to retire from Alcoa next February. We had a nice visit and I learned a lot about him. I've said for a long time that you meet the nicest people in an RV park. There were two other men sitting outside when I walked by and they were very friendly.

I came back to the trailer and watched a little television. I soon tired of seeing memorials to the recent deaths of Michael Jackson and Farah Fawcett. I am sorry that both of them died but they are entertainers and should not be the only thing on tv.

So long.

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