Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday June 28, 2009-Terrell Texas

Today we woke and had our coffee. Stella made us breakfast and we went over to Garland to Jennifer and Jay's house. We spent all day over there, mostly playing with Ian, the newest grandson. It was nice to spend time with Jennifer, Jay, Melissa and of course, Ian. He is so cute, and sooooo white! He has white blond hair and is very light skinned, and couldn't be much whiter if he were dipped in a jar of mayonnaise. I am honored that they named him after me and they are having him call me Pop, after my maternal grandfather, whom I was very close to. Everyone in town knew Pop Chandler and I am glad that Jennifer remembered that and has had Ian referring to me as Pop. I didn't think to ask Kim about calling me Pop until after Cameron was born and by then I am PePaw to Tyler and Cameron. It's very nice to be called by either name by my grandsons.

Jay and I went to Wal Mart and bought them some new patio furniture. I also bought a domino game to play this afternoon, Mexican Train. We came back to their house and Jay started cooking our hamburgers on the grill. After we all ate a great meal, he started putting the furniture together and the rest of us played Train while Ian took a nap. I envied him the nap, but it was fun playing dominoes with the girls. I came in next to last, with only Melissa making more points than me.

We came on back to the trailer and watched some television until bedtime. It was a very non-eventful day but a nice one.

So long.

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