Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday June 23, 2009-Moving Day,Grand Lake-Cave City KY

We woke this morning about 6:30 and started the coffee pot. We were not planning to fix anything other than coffee since we are leaving this park for Cave City Kentucky and the Singing Hills RV Park.

We met the others and sat out at Rick and Brenda's motor home for awhile. Brenda came out with some more of her banana/nut bread, so we all had some breakfast. I helped Stella with some of the inside packing, since most of the small amount of stuff we had outside had already been put away.

I did have some good news this morning. I had put out my blue plastic wash pail under the rear corner of the trailer to catch some water dripping from the air conditioner but it had disappeared. I thought someone had picked it up and had complained to the rest of the group about the loss of my bucket. It's only about $4.00 at Wal Mart, so I wasn't going to make a bi deal of losing it, but when I was loosening the bolts on my stabilizer, I found my missing bucket. It had apparently gotten blown under the trailer and had been stuck under the spare tire. I immediately went down and told the group that no further investigation of the theft of my beloved wash bucket was needed and thank goodness it had been returned. I AM SO RELIEVED!!

We left about 10:30, about an hour or so past when I wanted to leave. We made very good time down through Ohio and into Kentucky. We made the expected couple of pit stops and made some more entries into our GPS unit of the location of rest stops, so when we come back up to this area sometime in the future, we will know where the rest stops are. Thanks Terry H.

We stopped in west Louisville KY. and transferred some fuel into the truck and continued on our way. We made it to the Singing Hills RV Park about 5 o'clock. The staff here is very nice and I think we will enjoy our night here. This area is full of caves and other attractions There is a full size dinosaur display nearby that Tyler would love. Perhaps one day we'll bring the boys up here to visit.

I saw a Heartland Landmark in the park as soon as I arrived with Texas license plates. After getting all set up and after a short cool-down, I went down to give the owner a Heartland Owner's contact card and one of my personal cards. The man immediately told me that he does not intend to ever buy another Heartland product because of the problems he has had with the two that he owned. I referred him to the factory and Jim Fenner and he said he will call him. Since he was so aggressive toward me and Heartland, I did not stay long. I came back home and ate some tortilla soup that Stella had fixed and hung out in the trailer for the rest of the evening.

Boy, we are not in Indiana or Ohio any more. I am writing this at about 9:40 and it is completely dark outside. We are used to it being daylight until 10 o'clock and summer time has certainly returned! It was about 92 when we pulled in and it didn't take long for me to work up a good sweat.

Now to bed and some good rest before leaving tomorrow.

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