Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Monday June 8, 2009

We woke on time this morning and made coffee in the trailer. I began putting things away in preparation for us leaving the Terre Haute KOA. We went over and had a quick breakfast that was furnished by the park while Bill and Ornell finished up their work to get ready. Of course we were the last to get through.

Our friends Jim and Bette and new friends Ken and Kathy left about ten minutes before we did, but we finally got away about 9 o'clock. Bill had helped me to fill up my fuel tank before we left, so we were ready to hit the road.

We made good time down the highway, but when we neared Indianapolis, we learned that delays were expected on the loop around the city. We stopped at a rest area just before getting on the loop and decided to chance it on the loop instead of going through downtown Indy. When we got to the construction, the expected delays were a non-issue. The only delay we found was a small accident that didn't cause us to stop, only to slow from 55 to about 40. These people don't know anything about a delay. They need to come to Houston to really experience a delay!

We continued to make good time into northern Indiana toward Goshen. We ran into some serious rain which slowed us down a little bit. We all thought about pulling over but the rain was so hard we couldn't see where to pull over. Luckily it didn't last too long, so we continued on.

We got separated from Bill just outside South Bend, when I missed a turnoff. I was behind a big van and couldn't see the turn, but since we had fallen back from Bill, we didn't see him exit either. We got turned around and on the right road that was just a short distance from Goshen. We caught up to Bill just before we had to turn off the main highway into Goshen and pretty easily found the fairgrounds where the rally is being held.

There are probably 25-30 rigs already here including many of our friends. We got all set up with the only thing not hooked up for us being the dish antenna. I took it outside but got sidetracked and didn't stake it down. Ornell came around to find me to tell me the dish had fallen and broken the arm that holds the LNB's. I taped it up for now and will have to find another part. Bill and I got the dish set up and receiving, so all is well.

We were all hungry and went into Goshen to find something to eat. We found the Ponderosa buffet and had a good meal. While inside, two wagon-loads of Amish families came over and parked in the shopping center parking lot. A man, his wife and two little girls went into one of the stores, leaving the horse and buggy in the parking lot. We drove closer and looked over their wagon before returning to the park. We sat outside between the two rigs until after 10. It stays light until almost 10 every night. It gets light about 6 in the morning, so it's a short night up here.

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