Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday, June 27, 2009-Moving day, Benton Ark. -Terrell Tx.

We woke about 7 this morning, had our coffee and some grits for breakfast, and began packing to leave Benton. One of the residents of the park was in a Bighorn 3670RL. I had gone over to talk to him and give him a Heartland contact card and he, in turn, gave the card to his wife. He came over this morning because his wife was having problems getting onto the Heartland owner's forum, so I went over to see if I could help her. I gave her the information that she needed and we chatted for awhile. They have lived here in this park for about a year. Her husband is planning to retire in February and they will start traveling. They expressed interest in coming to a rally in Arkansas. I gave then the name of the chapter leader for Arkansas and they said they would contact him and try to get set up for a rally.

I went back home and got everything put away and helped Stella with putting some of the inside stuff away and we got away from the park about 9:05. We made good time down the highway and only stopped a couple of times in the morning. When we got to Texas, the temperature was 99 blistering degrees. We stopped at a Love's store in Mount Pleasant and took about a 30 minute break, not because of anything we did, but because there was a huge traffic jam around the station. We reached Greenville where we turned off on SH 19 and put more fuel into the truck from the big tank. We have really enjoyed not having to stop for fuel at truck stops.

We got to the Bluebonnet Ridge RV Park about 2:30. By the time we got all set up, including the porch, it was about 4.We took it slow because of the heat. When we finished, we sat down and tried to cool off but the air conditioners just couldn't overcome the heat. It was still about 88 degrees inside the trailer when we finally left to go meet grandson Ian and his family at the Jalapeno Tree restaurant for some very much needed Mexican food.

We had a nice visit with the kids and Ian and came back to the trailer to rest up after the travel day. We will see them again tomorrow.

So long.

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