Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday June 7, 2009-Day of Rest from Travels

We were all tired out from three days of traveling, especially yesterday with the speed limit and the traffic backup that slowed us down for about two hours, so we decided to stay here in the KOA in Terre Haute for another night. Even though the prices are excessive, the people that work here make up for it. The manager made an adjustment for Bill because someone had requested the site he is in. Actually, they requested a "buddy site" so that they can pull in awning to awning. She moved them to other sites so we were able to stay.

We all slept later than usual and just hung out in the park. We went down and ate breakfast that is furnished and that is when she fixed us up with our sites. After breakfast, we came back to our trailers and sat around chatting until my Sunday morning TV shows came on, so we all returned to our rigs and watched TV and napped. We came back out around 1 and watched others coming into the park.

One older man tried to get his van camper set up and apparently forgot that he had lowered his jacks. When he moved the van he bent the jacks, but he didn't do anything else with them at the time, so we don't know how much damage was done.

A couple from Canada came in with their Bighorn trailer, but when I asked them if they were going to the rally, they either didn't understand me or chose to ignore me because they didn't reply. Awhile later Jim and Bette McGee arrived in their Bighorn and a little while later Ken and Kathy (Katkens) came in. It looks like we are going to have a pretty good convoy going to Goshen tomorrow.

We sat outside until time for bed. We are all excited about our last little drive over to Goshen and the rally.

So long.

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