Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Monday March 29, 2010-Stephen F. Austin SP

Today is another of those perfect weather days here, cool at night and warm and dry during the day. We have really tried to take advantage of this weather and have spent every moment outside. I wish we had more spring time in Texas but this will last a couple of weeks and then summer will arrive.

We did our chores around the park, and since we needed propane, we decided to try out a new restaurant that we had heard about, Ernesto's Mexican Food while we were out. Ernesto's was supposed to have been so great and very cheap according to some friends from here in the park. We were told that both of them had plenty of food for about $6.00 but that is not what we found. It is your typical small family-run mexican restaurant where no one speaks much English, and even the television station is all mexican, so if you don't speak the language, you better have someone to talk to or bring a book to read, cause there ain't nothing else to do there. The food wasn't bad but it was nothing great and not all that cheap either.

We also did some grocery shopping at Wal Mart and came on back home. We invited A.D. and Dee over to have a campfire tonight, so I lit the fire and sat up the chairs around the fire. They came over and stayed until about 8:30 when the fire started going down and it began to get cold. They had to get up and go to the hospital early in the morning, so the party broke up early. We had a very nice visit with them and have become good friends since we've been here. We'll miss them when we leave.

So long.

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