Friday, March 26, 2010

Tuesday March 23, 2010-Stephen F. Austin SP

Tuesday, we all woke and did our own thing for breakfast. We had decided yesterday to go to Orlando's Pizza in Brookshire this afternoon, so we didn't want to eat a big breakfast. We ended up going there about one o'clock, so we missed the lunch rush and still had a good selection of pizzas to choose from.

Len and Peggy rode with us, and wanted to go to Tony's to get one of their blueberry pies before they leave tomorrow, so we took a ride over to Sealy and picked one up after lunch. Len also bought one of their coconut pies after hearing all of us rave about how good they are. We brought them back with us and just hung out all afternoon. We all met again around five, and after I built another fire, we all had a piece of the coconut pie. It was WONDERFUL! You owe it to yourself to come to Tony's restaurant in Sealy and have some of their coconut pie. Actually any pie that you choose will be great but the coconut is outstanding!

The weather certainly cooperated for much of the week because it was cool outside but not too cold, so we had another very nice night sitting outside by the fire and visiting.

So long.


Ted and Donna said...

I hope you all thought of poor little me without any more coconut pie to eat!!!!

Jay said...

Donna, I did think about you....every time I took a bite of that delicious pie!