Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday March 1, 2010-Moving Day, Hill Country RV park-Stephen F. Austin state park

Today was the day that we said goodbye to the Hill Country RV Park and went back to the Stephen F. Austin state park in San Felipe. We drank our coffee but didn't eat breakfast before starting to put things away to travel. Thank goodness I had already taken the porch and steps down and put them away, so the main thing I had to do was the utilities. Before I got started, I remembered that I needed another storage box for the new sewer hose, so I made a quick trip to Wal Mart to buy one.

It rained all night long, so I was apprehensive when we woke this morning, but the rain had stopped. It was cool outside and of course, there was a lot of mud around the trailer, but it soon warmed up and was a nice day. We got away about 10:30 and had a very nice travel day. It was partly cloudy and warm all day long. We made a stop at the Love's Truck stop and got coffee and a bite to eat and continued on to SFA. We got here about 1 o'clock and spoke with Carroll, the interim Head Ranger here. He told us to find a site near the rest rooms and firewood trailer because our friend Don, who was parked nearest to them was leaving on Wednesday. He also told us that our friends Bobby and Debbie had just left the park, or actually that some family members had come to move their trailer. Bobby had been seriously injured when he was working on the group shelter. A tree had fallen on the building and Bobby was on a ladder, removing the tree when it collapsed and he fell, breaking his pelvis. Wow!! Carroll also said that Leon and his wife were also gone, and sadly Leon is now under hospice care. I knew that both of them had been being treated at MD Anderson for cancer and had been involved in a traffic accident just before we had gotten here in January. I had spoken with Leon a couple of times and noticed that he didn't look very well at that time, so it was a shock to learn of the hospice care for him now.

We learned that A.D. and his wife Dee were still here, and Jerry and his wife were still here also, as well as Don and Nita who were leaving. We went down and found a site and while there, A.D. and Dee came by to see us. It was good to see them again. Dee is also being treated at MD Anderson and we had thought they might be gone by the time we came back.

We got set up, but while getting started, it started to rain on us. Luckily I didn't have to set the porch up today because we are taking it back to RV EZ Steps for an inspection and to be re-powder coated. A.D and Dee came back by and we all decided to go eat pizza at Orlando's Pizza in Brookshire. I later drove down to the shop and spoke with Carroll again and got my keys, radio and spoke with him about a golf cart. I didn't get the cart now but will come down tomorrow to pick it up. I told Carroll that we would again clean the restrooms and would get them done tomorrow but we have to leave to go to Dickinson to vote and take care of the porch.

After we got set up, I came inside to get out of the rain and dry off and rested until time to go eat. We went down and picked them up and had a great meal and a very nice visit after. A.D. brought me up to date on everything that had been going on at the park since we left. We learned that things have not improved too much since we left. We are to have a meeting later in the week to get our assignments. We'll have to wait and see how that works out.

So long.

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