Friday, March 5, 2010

Wednesday & Thursday, March 3 & 4, 2010-Stephen F. Austin state park

We woke Wednesday and went over and checked both bathrooms early in the morning. We came back home and ate some breakfast and Carroll came by to chat. He said our days off will now be Wednesday and Thursday. We didn't tell him that we had already done some work today, but thats all right. We had done most of the work yesterday, so the bathrooms were pretty clean.

I've been good since we got back here and have been walking every day. I haven't been walking as far as I did the first time we were here, but I have been walking at least twice a day now. I am determined to get my blood sugars in line! I have a bet with Kim, which I have won if I can get the A1C corrected.

I was walking around the back side of the trailer when I bumped into the water line to the trailer. Somehow the line broke, squirting water all over the place. I called it in on the radio and all of the maintenance rangers responded. It was determined that the line had gotten brittle after the cold weather in January, and had split at one of the threaded joints in the pipe. the line was repaired without too much trouble, although it was a muddy mess for awhile. At least the weather is warm and dry.

Since Thursday is now our day off, we went to the washateria to wash clothes and then to Wal Mart for grocery shopping. Such an uneventful day! I did speak to a Landmark owner that came into the park for a few days.

We finally talked to Tyler and Cameron and learned that they will be off for Spring Break on the 13th through the 21st. We decided to have Kim bring them up here on Saturday the 13th and we will take them home on Wednesday or Thursday. It will be good to see them. It seems like it has been forever since we've seen them.

So long.

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Rick and Brenda said...

You seem to have had the same problem that we had at Timber Ridge after the freeze.
Hope all is well with you both.
Hope to see you on the road.