Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tuesday March 2, 2010-Stephen F. Austin state park

We woke this morning to cool temperatures, but at least it's not freezing, snowing or raining. I don't know when we've ever had a crazier winter. Hopefully spring will be here soon and warm weather.

Since I already had everything but a golf cart, we went over to the RV area restroom and cleaned it up. It needed supplies, so we went to the tent area and cleaned it and made a list of supplies needed there and went to the shop to get one of the golf carts and stock up on supplies. I talked to Carroll again and reminded him that we would be gone this afternoon to vote and he said okay. I drove the cart back home and stopped off at the Visitor's Center where Don was working. I had not seen him since we got back, but he was busy getting things finished up so they could leave tomorrow. There had been a lot of talk since we got back about communication, so I also told him that we would be gone this afternoon. That makes two park hosts and the acting head ranger that have been told, so I've done my part in communicating. I dropped the supplies off in the two restrooms and sold some firewood to one of the guests. He and I chatted for a long time, before I came on home so we could leave.

We drove to Dickinson and had trouble locating the polling place for our precinct. We went to the usual locations but didn't find it, so Stella began calling City Hall. She was frustrated by the telephone "tree" that she had to go through to get someone on the phone. She never did get anyone and we ended up going to City Hall to find out where we should go. The clerk at the permit desk seemed to be confused but suggested that we try the high school. Having already been there, we asked for another possible location. He finally suggested that we go to the First Baptist Church, which is where we needed to be. After driving all over the east side of Dickinson, we needed to be about three blocks from city hall. Government inefficiency at it's best!

We got done with voting, so we were ready to go to Manvel to drop off the porch/steps for repair and refinishing. While there, I spoke with my friend Ken about building a platform to go into the back of my truck to hold the porch to free up the space in the underbelly of the trailer. He said he will work on it, and we left. It had gotten so late, we couldn't make it back home in time to see NCIS, so we stopped and ate at a Whataburger in Pearland. After supper, we made good time getting back here. We got a lot accomplished today, although my governor candidate lost the race...

So long.

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