Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday-Wednesday, March 8-10, 2010-Stephen F. Austin SP

It was cool and raining on Monday morning. I went out the first thing in the morning and checked the RV bathroom, which was pretty clean. I came back home and was sitting in my recliner after breakfast when I heard a crash. it sounded like a tree or large limb falling, so I didn't pay too much attention to it. A few minutes later, I heard the other park host calling the park headquarters to report a tree had fallen and had hit a motorhome. I got up and went over to see what had happened and learned that a large limb had fallen and hit the front overhanging fiberglass on a Winnebago class B motorhome. It had broken through the fiberglass and broken off the right side mirror. The lady had been inside and right under where the limb had hit when it fell but her husband had been outside. She was very shook up when I was there. I gave them some directions to local repair shops and since the rangers had been called, A.D. and I left. I noticed that they left the park later in the morning and they haven't come back. I don't blame them...

That was all the excitement that happened the rest of the day. We just took care of our bathrooms and rode around talking to the people still here in the park. The weather has started to warm during the day, and the rain had stopped, so it was a pretty nice day.

Tuesday began with a foggy morning. It warmed up again and we took care of our bathrooms and just enjoyed the day. The only excitement today was that a lady had come into one of the RV sites and didn't have a trailer. One of the other guests came by and told me about her, so I went over and talked to her. She told me that she had a day pass that she had paid for and had the windshield tag for it. When I asked her if she was planning to stay all night, she said that she hadn't decided yet but if she did stay the night, she would just stop by the office and pay her fee. She was a single woman with a large dog, and I felt sorry for her. She had come down to Texas from Oregon and looked as if she had been sleeping in her truck. She had a small single burner stove and an ice chest and had fixed herself something to eat, but there was nothing I could do about her. The day pass allowed her to stay in the park until 10PM and when I called out on the radio to notify one of the rangers of the situation, no one answered me.

After leaving her, I found a San Felipe Police Officer driving through the park and reported the information to him. He and I had a nice visit and talked shop for a long time. He has been asked by the mayor and council to take over Code Enforcement duties also. I told him of my background and told him that if there was anything I could help him with, I would be glad to.

I got in trouble with Stella when I got back home. She had fixed some corned beef and cabbage for supper and I had stayed off for so long, it was cold. Sorry, but duty called.

The next morning, sure enough, she was still in the park. I went for a walk early and when I walked by the site where she was, she recognized me and said that she had gone down to the other park host when she decided to stay and had been told to see the office in the morning. She left about 7:30, which is before the office opens, so I'm sure she didn't pay.

I saw Larry, one of the rangers, driving around when I got back home. I told him about what had happened and he said that they normally don't do too much about these people that steal a site. We also had a chat about some of the kids that come into the park and make a mess in the bathrooms. He said that he doesn't do anything to find out who made the mess or even to talk to the scoutmaster, but just cleans it up. I asked him about this and if this didn't give these delinquent children a wrong message. He agreed that it could be handled better and would look into changing his methods.I'm not saying to get these kids in trouble, but they need to become responsible for their activities.

That was about all that happened the rest of Tuesday. The weather is great, so we sat outside a lot in the afternoon. It was a nice day to sit outside and read.

Wednesday was our first day off this week. I had called a local groomer and made an appointment for Miss Cassie to be groomed. Arla, the groomer and owner of Hartland Pets,lives out in the country between Frydek and Wallis, both very small towns, but using her directions, we found her with no problem. After dropping Cassie off, we went to Wallis looking for a hardware store. I had been working on our sign and had broken off one of the cup hooks on the bottom. The old-style hardware store was closed, so we ended up in Sealy where I found the parts I needed at the Ace Hardware. We came back home and I had just gotten to work on the sign when Arla called and said Cassie was ready. We went and picked her up and came back home to sit outside again. Cassie stayed out with us today, and we had a very pleasant day. I called Ken about our porch and he said it should be ready tomorrow, so we will go pick it up. I also spoke with Kristene and we are going to eat lunch with her on Wednesday next week. That's the day we will be bringing the boys home. It will be good to see them, but I'll bet they will be ready to go home by then. We might be ready to take them home too...

So long.

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