Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010-Stephen F. Austin SP

Today we just hung around here at the park on our second day off this week. The boys were glad to stay here. They have a trail walk scheduled with Ben the Environmental Ranger at 11AM.

Both mornings of our days off, people have come over to buy either firewood or ice and I sold it to them. I figure that we are already here and the other park host is some distance away, so it would be crazy to send someone away when I can sell them what they want in just a few minutes. It doesn't take that long and it keeps the customers happy. Isn't that why we're here?

While the boys were gone, I decided to put up my Internet antenna that I had bought from the 3G store. I had to go into Sealy to a hardware store to buy some longer bolts to hold the antenna on the ladder, but it went up without too many problems. The only problem is that the antenna cord is too short, so I need to order one.

Tyler and Cameron came back from their hike with Ben and the others in their group. They were excited because Ben had let them lead the group because they were "experienced" in hiking the trails here.

They had another talk this afternoon that Ben put on in the amphitheater on wildlife here in the park. Cameron said he was bored by the talk but Tyler said he liked it. Their MeMaw fixed us some supper that we ate outside at the table. They insisted on another fire tonight, so we lit some wood that we still had. We didn't really have enough, so Cam went down and bought some more wood from A.D. who was manning the sales of firewood tonight. MeMaw brought out the makings for S'mores and both boys enjoyed them, Tyler more than Cameron. We stayed out for an hour or so and I turned in. Cam has been giving me back rubs every night and I wanted the best for their last night here. He certainly delivered, and I slept better tonight than any other night. I have been sleeping later every night since he's been here, so I guess I'm more relaxed.

It's been a great week with the boys and we have had some memorable times together. We have talked and laughed and really had a good time. I will miss them when they have to go back home.

So long.

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