Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Friday February 18, 2011-Buckhorn Lake Resort

This morning we woke to the worst weather of the week. It was cold (upper 50's) and rainy all day long and was just a dreary day. The car wash guy was busy all day though, so I guess we started a trend for him. Maybe I should have asked him for a referral for all the others that had their rigs washed and waxed, since we were the first to have ours done.

We all stayed around the park all day long and some went to the hall to play games but we didn't go. They apparently change the rules of every game, depending on who is playing so we decided that we would just hang out and visit with friends.

We were to go to Mamacita's, a mexican restaurant for supper tonight but before we left, the park offered margaritas for a dollar, so almost everyone met at the outdoor bar for a drink before we left. One of the owners of Buckhorn made the drink mix using a regular margarita mix but included a small amount of beer to the mix. It made a very good, smooth drink and we all enjoyed them. I drank about half of my drink when one of my buddies, Jerry, called his wife who had gone to Wal Mart a couple of hours ago and learned that she had tried to call him several times because she had a problem with their truck. I soon took him to where she was and we got them going again. We returned to the park, but everyone had left the bar area and were preparing to leave for the restaurant. Jerry and Diane rode with us to eat supper, and we all had a lot of laughs and visited on our way to the restaurant and then back to the park.

It had stopped raining before we had met for drinks, but it was still too cold to be outside very long, so we all went inside for the night. We are having a very good time at this rally and will return in the future.

So long.

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