Friday, February 18, 2011

Wednesday February 16, 2011-Buckhorn Lake Resort

The weather here has been the same every day. It is cool or even cold and rainy in the morning and clears off and is beautiful in the afternoon. At least its not freezing...

The rally doesn't actually begin until tomorrow, but several of the folks arrived today and we all went out to eat at a cajun restaurant named LaFour's. The food was pretty good but not outstanding and my order got missed, causing my food to be delayed to me until everyone else had eaten about half of their meal. When a couple of the people at my table asked the server, he said it would be coming out soon and I would not be charged for it. What a deal!!

We rode with our friends Jim and Bette and had a nice visit with them on the trip over. We came back here to the park and hung out, talking and visiting with the others that were here and turned in pretty early. We are having a good time so far, and the rally will get kicked off tomorrow.

So long.

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