Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saturday February 26, 2011-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

We are in the final weekend off before having to go back to work at Timber Ridge. We took full advantage of it today by going out to eat a big breakfast at Luby's with Jim and Reta and meeting Pete and Jean at the restaurant. We had a good meal and a great time with our friends.

We came back home and loaded up a few things like our cold weather clothes to take to storage, but planned to pick up several things that we had left there like my heavy duty ladder and a box containing some of Stella's maps and atlas.

We made the trip in record time because we drove down the brand new section of the Beltway that just opened today. By going this way, we cut about 30 minutes off our travel time and only had one toll booth. It was well worth it and we actually took it back home when the Mardi Gras traffic stopped up the Gulf Frwy.

We went to the First Baptist Church where we watched Cameron play in his next-to-last basketball game. This was his best game yet, with his best stats and some team-leading scoring. They give out stars when the game is over and I believe Cam got four stars, a pretty good game. I think his "career" in basketball is going to be short-lived though. He has told his Mom and Jeremy that he is okay with basketball but better in baseball. Luckily, baseball season has begun with practice and the season will start in a few weeks.

We all took Stella out to eat at Gringo's restaurant in Texas City for her birthday which is tomorrow. I was pleasantly surprised that neither of the boys spilled the beans on the surprise birthday party that we have planned for Stella tomorrow. Stay tuned for tomorrow's report.

So long.

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