Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Saturday February 5 thru Tuesday February 8, 2011-Mission West RV Resort

The best thing about Saturday was that it wasn't freezing any more. It was cold in the morning, but it wasn't below 32 degrees. It warmed up nicely during the day and I spent the morning washing the ice grime off my truck.

Stella and Judy decided that they wanted to go to the Don-Wes flea market, so we loaded up in my truck and took off. Tom bought some paint brushes and looked at a lot of frames but didn't buy any. We all bought fruits and onions but Stella and I made the biggest purchase buying two heavy-duty lawn chairs, and a new mat to replace the old one that we are using now. It's about 10 years old and wearing out, especially with all the wind we have had here. A couple of the hold-down grommets are tearing out, and it won't last much longer.

When we finished up at the flea market, I had promised Judy to take her to Hooters so thats where we went for supper. After finishing our meal, we returned home. While unloading the stuff from the bed of my truck, Tom and I discovered that I have diesel leaking from the auxiliary tank filter. It was too late in the evening to do anything with it today, but I will look at it tomorrow.

Sunday we stayed home and Stella did laundry in the morning. We knew that Ted and Donna were coming up here today after they spent the night in Victoria, so I wanted to hang around in case they called with a problem. I did work on the broken fan blade in the living room and ran the vacuum. I also went out and worked on the leaking diesel fuel and found that the filter had been turned over upside down and that seemed to be where the leak was coming from. I wiped the excess fuel off the filter and put it back in the normal position and that seemed to stop the leak.

Ted and Donna arrived and after they got all set up, we went over to Bentsen Palms Village and picked them up and took them to dinner. We thought about going to Cheddar's but as usual they were too busy, so we ended up at Furr's Buffet. After our normal great meal, we came on back home. After dropping them off, we came home and watched the second half of the Super Bowl. It was a very good game and we congratulate the Green Bay Packers.

Monday we had to call the GT Blinds store to check on our wooden blinds that we had ordered. There had been some mistakes made because we had been told that they had the blinds in stock and would only have to be cut and made to our specifications, but we learned this morning that they had been ordered but no one could find who they were ordered from. We were pretty upset, but it is what it is and there is nothing we can do about it at this point.

Ted and Donna came and picked us up to go across the border into Mexico. We went over without any problems at all and made our purchases. I bought another Rolex watch for $15.00 after haggling with the woman in the booth. Of course its not a real Rolex, but it looks nice and should last pretty well. We also bought some medicines and looked at many other items. The best thing we got done was to consult with my dentist, Dr. Ernesto Flores about some dental work I need to have done. We will have to return at another time when we can stay longer, but at least now, we know what has to be done.

We came back to our park in time for hamburgers. They were very good and we had a nice visit with Ted and Donna while eating our burgers. We came back to our site and sat outside until it got chilly and they decided to go home. Our friends Ray and Lin came by and we sat outside with them for about an hour. It was a bit chilly, but not uncomfortable for us, but we had both put on jackets.

Tuesday Ted and Donna came by to pick us up to go eat at the famous Gonzales Burgers in Donna. We were the very first couples to place our orders, which was a first for us, and we again enjoyed these huge burgers. From there we went over to Hidalgo to the ropas stores. Stella and Donna had a lot of fun picking through the piles of clothes and they both made a few purchases. Ted even found a couple of shirts, a Tommy Bahama Hawaiian shirt hat would sell at retail for about $100.00 that he bought for $1.60 and another pullover shirt that he bought for a dollar. What bargains. I just didn't see anything in my size-they had a lot of 2X-4X shirts, but nothing for a little guy like me...

We came home and relaxed for awhile and I tuned in my TV channel to receive NCIS when Judy called Stella to go play cards with her and some of the other women. Actually they played Pegs and Jokers and had a good time. It was a good day today and we are looking forward to more good times the rest of the week.

So long.

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Rick and Brenda said...

jay, We have a couple of inches of snow. Don't you want to have a snowball fight with us. The weather has been in the teens all day. if you decide to come, maybe Stella will go sledding with us. Say hi to all.