Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Saturday February 19, 2011-Buckhorn Lake Resort

Saturday morning was a little warmer but it is still cool outside. We went to the barn hall for a park-furnished breakfast with several choices. The breakfast was very good and we enjoyed our company at our table. That has been the pattern for this rally with many of our Heartland friends being there as well as some old friends from the Texas Boomers and new friends from this rally.

Stella and Susan went shopping during the morning and ended up at the James Avery store where Susan bought a couple of pieces of jewelry. Stella didn't buy anything but enjoyed looking around the store. They liked it so much, they made Tommy and I go back to the store, which is actually a compound for the Avery craftsmen to do their work and a display store for sales. Of course, we didn't see James Avery but it was interesting to see the property and buildings. I didn't bring my camera to take any photos, but it was an impressive location.

We came back to the park in time for Tommy and I to relax (nap) before getting ready for the big meal of the weekend, the Sweetheart Dinner. Tommy and Susan had not been signed up for the rally itself, but did get signed up for tonight's dinner. We had a choice of barbecue ribs or barbecued brisket and chicken. Stella had chosen the ribs of course, and I got the brisket and chicken and both of them were great. I'll say one thing for this park, they really have serving food down well. Everyone's food was served quickly and all the food was still hot and delicious.

Stella and I played games after the meal but Tommy and Susan decided to go back home. We played Triominoes with Kevin and Nellie and Bette and all had a good time. I returned home a little after ten o'clock to take care of the puppies and soon was asleep in my chair. It had been a good but long day for us.

So long.

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