Sunday, February 13, 2011

Saturday February 12, 2011-Mission West RV Resort

Well, today is our last full day here in Mission. Stella and I are in complete agreement that about a month is all we need to do down here in the valley. It's a nice and interesting place to come and of course, by crossing the border and buying our medicines, we save more than enough to make this trip, not counting fuel costs. These rising fuel costs are going to certainly affect our travels but we are still making plans to go places and see new things.

Stella and Donna found some coupons for a discount on the breakfast buffet at Furr's Buffet, so we all met there this morning for a great breakfast. They always have a wonderful variety of food there and today was no exception. We all ate more than we needed, but then we were planning to skip lunch, so it all worked out.

From there we went to the Don-Wes flea market. The day had begun again with cool temperatures but it had warmed up again and was a great day to be outdoors. We walked around the market and bought a few things, a replacement Triominoes game, some solar-light yard decorations and of course, some more of the RGV fruit. We had promised to bring some grapefruit back to some people at Rayford, so we stocked up.

After finishing up at the flea market, we went to pick up a check from the blind store. We had hopes to have had the new window blinds installed today but they weren't shipped in time to be delivered. We talked to Jose, the young man that had taken the measurements for us, and he seemed surprised that our money had to be refunded, but he gave Stella his personal card and asked that we call him prior to our next visit and he will personally see that the blinds are ready for us.

I was going to give Kevin and Nelly, the new Heartland Ambassadors, one of the banners that I had, but I had forgotten to get it out of storage this morning before we left so we had to go by and pick it up. I called Kevin and asked him to meet us along the road and he agreed. We also wanted to spend some more time with Tom and Judy today, so Stella called them and they went with us to meet Kevin. We invited Kevin and Nelly to go eat an afternoon meal with us at Martha's restaurant. I know it seems like all we do is eat here, but several hours had gone by since breakfast. We had another good meal at Martha's and enjoyed the company.

We came back home and I began to get ready to leave. I drained all the holding tanks, put the sewer hose away, put away our lawn chairs and took the porch and steps apart and put them in the truck, so my preparations were done. I relaxed in my chair and Stella went down to the rally hall to play games with Judy and some of the other ladies. They tried to get Stella to stay behind because they loved to play games together but she told them we have to leave. It was a very nice day to end our stay here in Mission.

So long.

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