Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thursday February 10, 2011-Mission West RV Resort

Today was the second open house that we have coordinated at Ron Hoover RV's in Donna TX. Below you will see the serving line as they got ready for the crowd to start eating.

We had a good turnout, better than last year's, with over 200 folks turning out. We saw many of our friends here today and made some new friends as well. Like last year, the food was very good but the people are what made this one so great! Hoover offered a 10% discount on parts and I saw lots of people looking around in the parts department. They apparently were making some good deals on trailers too because they sold 6 today!

The best thing about this event was that we neither had to set up the tables, nor take them down or clean up afterwards. It made all the work I did getting it set up worthwhile.
When the open house was over and almost everyone had left, we took off too. I had broken the clasp on my Superman necklace that I have worn for many years as a good luck charm, so we went and found a jewelry repair shop. Just about everything in McAllen is on 10th St. and it wasn't long before we found Shannon's Jewelry. They got me taken care of and we were soon on our way.
We have decided to upgrade our Internet service to Verizon's mi-fi, so we stopped in at the same store where we bought our aircard from a couple of years ago. We met a very nice young man there who told us that they were out of the mi-fi instruments but could order one to be delivered to us but it would take a week. We won't be here in a week, so we will get one when we get back to Rayford. We have a couple of days before the next rally starts, so we might be able to find one in Kerrville, our next stop. I'll let you know if we find one.
So long.

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