Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thursday February 17, 2011-Buckhorn Lake Resort

We woke again to cloudy skies and a very light rain this morning, as has been every morning. The weather wasn't particularly cold, but it was cool. Again as usual, the clouds burned off and it was a bright sunlit afternoon.

The rally actually began today and a few more stragglers came into the park, including Tommy and Susan. It was good to see our good friends and we spent some time with them after they arrived. We went to the small meeting room for a meet and greet with the rally. They passed out small bags of gift items that will be used by all. It was good to see old friends and we will make many new ones here. Tommy and Susan didn't actually get signed up for the rally, but since they're in the park, I'm sure that they can participate in many of the activities this weekend.

Tonight was a huge steak dinner (32 oz. steak, two potatoes, two salads, brocoli, and a dessert and drink) that we had paid for. Tommy and Susan decided not to come and went out for supper, but we had a nice time. There were games after the dinner, but we went back over to T & S's motorhome and hung out with them until I got sleepy and went on home.

This is a nice, well-run rally and I am sure that we will be back here next year and many years after. This is a great park and well set up for rallies like this one. To us, it is not any nicer than Rayford, so we don't plan to change anything there. I may consider this area for another October rally, depending on how the Canton rally goes. I'm still thinking on this...

So long.

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