Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday February 13, 2011-Movin day-Mission West to Buckhorn Lake

Today was the day that we all dread, having to break things down and leave for a new location. At least much of my time-consuming things had already been done, the porch, draining and flushing the tanks and putting all of that away, and putting away all the outside decorations. The work went well and we were ready to go at 9:20, somewhat of a record for us!

We pulled out and once we got out on the road, I noticed that I was getting better than 11 miles per gallon, according to the dash computer. It also showed that we had plenty of fuel to go the distance without transferring fuel. By using the GPS, which shows the distance to Kerrville and the distance to empty (DTE) I figured we would have somewhere around 50 miles to go until empty. As we got nearer to San Antonio the roads got hillier (is that a word?) and I began to notice a small drop in MPG and the DTE was dropping too. We pulled into a Loves Travel Stop for a bite to eat and a rest stop, but I was still confident that we could make it, showing about 25 miles of difference . After getting through San Antonio and then encountering some steep hills, I watched as the two figures came closer and closer. About 12 miles before we got to Kerrville, I saw a rest stop sign and decided to pull in and fill up. The distance to the park was 12 miles and the distance to empty was 13 miles, so I didn't want to risk it and pulled in. We did go 329 miles pulling the trailer, which is way more than we have ever gone before. Since I transferred from the big tank, I wasn't able to tell you how many gallons we took and the mileage we got. I am pleased with the truck otherwise, the power and handling and now the fuel mileage.

We got in here and got all set up without any problems, in fact, it was one of the easiest times we've had. It turned cool again after dark and we had to close all the windows that we had opened. It will be good to see some of our old friends from the Boomers and of course, Tommy and Susan and many of our Heartland friends, including Jimtoo and Jim B, Ray and Lin and the Bobcat! Maybe he'll fix us some more of his breakfast burritos. Hope so....!

So long.

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