Thursday, February 24, 2011

Monday February 21, 2011-Moving Day-Buckhorn Lake Resort to Rayford Crossing RV Resort

We woke pretty early this morning, moving day, and because the time-consuming things had already been done, we got ready to go about 9:30. Tommy and Susan had already left but said they might see us at the rest area near Seguin where they planned to stop. We made good time through San Antonio but we got a call from Susan telling us that they had made their stop and were on their way. We decided to go on past the rest stop and stopped at Buccee's at Luling for our break. We both got a sandwich because lunch time was approaching and we knew we would be hungry by the time we reached Rayford. The only other stop we made was at the rest area near Columbus where we took the dogs out and refueled. It surprised me that we were almost empty in the big tank, but then we had refilled from it three other times and took a lot out of it every time.

There was little traffic on the road because it is a federal holiday, President's Day, so we made good time. We breezed through Houston and arrived at Rayford about 3 o'clock. It was good to be back! We saw many of our friends and visited while we got set up.

Stella learned that they had not scheduled her to work at Timber Ridge until the 1st of March, so we had a week off. We can get our errands run, clean up the trailer and rest up.

We had eaten so much during our time away that we didn't want too much tonight. We ate sandwiches and turned in early tonight. IT'S GOOD TO BE HOME!!!

So long.

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