Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tuesday February 1, 2011-Mission West RV Resort

Today there is supposed to be a blizzard blow in directly from the north pole, so we made plans to get an early start. We decided to eat breakfast at the park's restaurant at the golf course, but when we got over there, there was a crew blocking off all the parking spaces across the street from the cafe. I don't understand this, but then no one called me to ask my opinion. Since the nearest parking was about a block away, we decided to go offsite for breakfast. We ended up at the Cracker Barrel and had a delicious meal.

We began our morning by going to some more RV parks to let people know about our activities next week. Again, we talked to several Heartland owners and no one knew about the forum or the events so I told them about them. I met a lot of nice people and hope that some or all of them will show up.

While we were out, I stopped for fuel and ran into one of the biggest screw-ups in a gas station that I have ever run into. There was a separate diesel pump island with four pumps. They were the old style pumps without any credit card slots. There were trucks parked all over the place, and one guy went inside and came back really upset. There were two Mexican men in the truck ahead of me that couldn't get the pump to turn on, so they moved. I moved up and went inside to pay for the fuel before pumping. The store was very busy and one of the Mexican men was inside settling up his bill. It seems that he had been sent to the wrong pump and when it wouldn't turn on, he became irate and stormed out. After a long wait, the clerk told me to lay my credit card on the counter and go pump my fuel. I didn't feel comfortable with leaving my card there, so I went out and asked Stella to go inside with her card and proceeded to pump my fuel. What should have been a 10 minute stop turned into about 35 minutes. Wow, what an ordeal!

I know that you will be crushed, but I am not keeping too many records on my fuel mileage as I was. The new truck seems to be getting pretty decent mpg's so I'll get an occasional mileage reading and will be sure to let you know what it is. Please don't cry, I know what a disappointment this is.

We went to a Lazy Boy store to look at some new recliners. They had very little stock, and weren't very helpful, so we went to another store where we found some chairs that would work. We were all set to buy them, but we couldn't get them delivered before we left, so we didn't make the purchase. I miss Mattress Mack and his delivery today policy.

We went to the grocery store before we came back home. the cold front never did arrive this afternoon like we had been warned. In fact, it didn't come in until after ten o'clock when I turned in. It was 33 this morning and the temp didn't get much warmer, but then on the other hand, it didn't get as cold as had been forecast. We'll see how the rest of the blizzard turns out.

So long.

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