Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wednesday February 2, 2011-Mission West RV Resort

It was supposed to have been really cold today, so we had planned to stay home all day, and that's what we did! The temperatures didn't get as cold as had been forecast, which was a good thing, but there was the constant threat of rain, sleet or snow with cloudy skies and cold temps. It only got to 37 degrees, so it really wasn't a day to go out and wash the truck or trailer anyway. We enjoyed just hanging out and reading or playing games on the computer.

One odd thing happened today, the propane bottle ran out. That's not all that unusual, but it ran out during the day. It always ran out before in the middle of the night in the rain. What was even more unusual is that it ran out and soon after, a propane truck came through the park and agreed to fill the tank for me. Most other parks don't allow this because they want to make the sale themselves, but this park doesn't sell propane. Then on top of that, they only charged .25 more than the store does. That really makes it unusual and very convenient.

We didn't hear much out of Tom and Judy all day except that Judy is not feeling well and isn't eating. I hope it's nothing serious because she has been doing so well with her cancer recovery. I plan to invite her to Hooters and I know she'll be ready to go, that's one of her favorite restaurants.

It's supposed to be bad again tonight with 20 degree temperatures again and a high percentage of freezing precipitation tomorrow, so please wish us well.

So long.

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