Monday, December 8, 2008

Boomer Rally, Sunday December 7, 2008

Today we woke to watch most of the other Boomers leaving. Again this is a new experience for us to be able to just sit around and watch everyone else leaving. More handshakes and hugs were given to me and best wishes in my retirement.

Ricky, Dee, Stella and I went over to Fredericksburg for the day. It turned out to be a wonderful day with great weather. Since this was our anniversary, Ricky bought our lunch in downtown Fredericksburg. We had seen the large turnout at the Chester Nimitz Museum commemorating the Pearl Harbor anniversary which was also being observed today. Soon after finishing our lunch, we saw an awesome flyover by four F-14 fighters which was followed by flyovers by other WW II aircraft. I am not enough of a historian of these flying warships but I recognized several models. I did a little research on and found some of the models that we saw:
F4F Wildcat
F4U Corsair
P-36 / Hawk 75
P-38 Lightning
P-51 Mustang
P-47 Thunderbolt
P-63 Kingcobra
B-17 Flying Fortress

I am sure that there were many more models seen, but these were the only ones that I could positively identify.

We walked around the shops in Fredericksburg until we were all tired and left to go over some of the other Hill Country cities to see their Christmas lights. First we went to Dripping Springs to the New Canaan Farms where we sampled and bought some of their jams, jellies and salsa. We drove up to Marble Falls where we saw their great display of lights. They use a large area down by the lake in the middle of the city and have millions of lights on display. I'm sorry to say that I didn't bring my camera but did take a few shots with my camera phone but the quality is not that good. Maybe Dee will send me some of her's that I can add here.

We then went to Johnson City where we saw a large display at their electric company. Standing under this display was just like being outside in daylight. We also stopped in Blanco but their light display was not nearly as large and extensive as the other city's.

We ended up driving about 220 miles today. At least diesel fuel prices have come way down! We got home to our trailers about 9 o'clock, tired but very satisfied with good friends, good food and great lights on display. It was a fitting end to the weekend.

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