Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sunday December 21, 2008

We were scheduled to do the "Rayford Shuffle" today, moving from site #80 into site 35. It was cold and damp again today and I stayed inside until almost 9. When I went out, I found that Tommy and Susan had already packed up and left. I wanted to see them before they left, but will catch up with them another time. Tommy told me that he has reserved his spot at Rayford for 2009, so we will see them again.

I found that the rig in our new space had already moved, so I went back to the trailer and told Stella. as soon as the trailer was ready, we moved into our new site. While setting up, we met the couple that are in site 36, a very nice couple that retired about 6 months ago. I had a nice visit with them while getting everything plugged in.

We left the park about 1 o'clock to go to the house in Dickinson to pick up the mail and get anything that we had forgotten. After getting that done, we went to Manvel where I picked up our porch/steps where my friend Ken Caldwell had made some modifications to our unit, which was one of the first prototypes that he had built. He made ours a new-style fold up side frame with screwed on handrails. He also repainted the thing. It has taken a beating from bouncing around in the bed of my truck, but it was good for him to be able to check it for any rust or damage.

We went back to Rayford where Ricky came by soon after we got back to invite us over to eat with them. They had some leftover sausage, a stuffed pork chop and some leftover potatoes, so we all had a good meal and cleaned out their refrigerator.

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