Saturday, December 27, 2008

Friday December 26, 2008

First of all, thank you for following our little blog. You must be a good friend or family. I'm going to stop recording my daily activities unless something happens of note until we go on the road.

We woke this morning to the sounds of high winds. We had very high winds all day long at the park. We are out in the boonies, with nothing around us to block the wind. It's amazing how loud a trailer is when the heater and air conditioner is turned off. There are creaks and pops that sound like someone is coming in. Of course, the little flap for the vent hood in the kitchen makes a lot of noise, but I went out and clipped it shut.

The floor creak is getting worse. It's right in front of the stairs in the kitchen, so its impossible to miss when you come into the kitchen from either outside or from the bedroom. This will soon become Camping World's problem when we trade this one in on an '09 Bighorn 3370 in a week or so.

I called Melissa this morning to find out when they are coming out here to visit. She said that when Jennifer and Jay get off work, they will go by their house and get all of Ian's stuff to come over.

I just piddled around the trailer today. I tightened the legs of the front porch, but its hard to do on gravel. The stones constantly move around, so it makes the feet uneven and the porch shaky. Hopefully we won't be parked on many gravel sites.

Stella and I ate leftover soup for lunch that she made a couple of days ago. It was more tasty today than when she originally made it, but that's the way it is with soups. After finishing the soup we decided to cut Cassie's hair for the first time. The first time for us anyway....
Cassie didn't like it very much, but it went pretty well. Stella brushed out many of the tangles in her hair, then gave her a bath in the shower. After they both took a break, we started trimming her. I held her still on the dining table while Stella cut her hair. Stella is the only experienced hair cutter in the family, since she's been cutting my hair for years. It has saved us a lot of money over the years and will really come in handy now that we're retired. Cassie's hair looked good when we got done and she was pretty well-behaved.

Jennifer, Jay, Melissa and Ian arrived about 7:30. Jennifer had been to the doctor this morning and was diagnosed with hives. She had to go by a pharmacy to pick up her prescriptions. Hives is usually caused by an allergy, which I have been lucky enough to avoid in my life.

We ate our sandwiches and had a very nice visit. Ian crawled all over the trailer, checking all of Cassie's toys, her food bowl and of course the water bowl. Jennifer snatched him up when he got close to all of these, so no damage was done. He's such a good baby, never cried or fussed. He loves his Pop.

Jennifer decided that Ian will be my first grandchild to call me by my grandfather's name, Pop. My mother's father, O.L. (Pop) Chandler, was called Pop by everyone that knew him, even the family. It is an honor to be called by this name, although I love being Pepaw to Tyler and Cameron.

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