Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tuesday December 23, 2008

I woke this morning for my usual coffee with the guys. It's a good time to get together with friends and fix all that is wrong with the world. The new President should send someone to sit in on our coffee meetings so he will know how to run the country.

I went back to the trailer and started putting things away for the trip to Terrell. We got away about 11 o'clock or about an hour later that I wanted to leave. It was a nice trip, but the weather was bad, again! It was cool and rainy but soon warmed up but stayed cloudy all the way north. We stopped at the rest area in Huntsville for a potty break for all of us including Cassie. It's good to stop and stretch our legs. We stopped again for lunch and fuel in Fairfield. Any time we go through Fairfield, we try to stop at Sam's Barbecue restaurant. We got fuel at the Chevron next to Sam's and paid $2.21 a gallon including an .08 per gallon discount for showing our receipt for the restaurant. At least fuel prices are down. I had filled up over the weekend in Alvin when we went home, for $1.97 a gallon, the cheapest we have seen in a long time!

We pulled into the Bluebonnet Ridge RV park about 4:30. This is a nice park, with gravel roads and sites. It had gotten colder as we went north, so I just set up the outside items. The new steps went together well, but will take some getting used to. The rails still need some work, but I can get it figured out. The little wrench that Ken made to tighten the handrail posts is not really long enough to turn the posts, but I will have to figure something out there.

We went over to Melissa's apartment where we met Jennifer, Jay and of course Ian, the newest member of the family. We went to the Jalapeno Tree for supper. It was a nice time and we went back to Melissa's house for a visit with her. We came back to the trailer about 11.

We made plans to meet tomorrow to go to the girl's family for their Christmas celebration. It is nice of them to have offered to let us attend their party with them.

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