Thursday, December 11, 2008

Monday December 8, 2008

I got up pretty early and watched Ricky and Dee as they packed up to leave. Dee had to be back in Houston for work (ugh, that nasty word!) so they were leaving today. They had thought about leaving yesterday, but we had gone all day to see the Pearl Harbor day celebration in Fredericksburg and the lights in the area, so their trailer was ready to go. They pulled out around 9:30 with no problems.

Since we are in the area, I decided to go to New Braunfels to see Grandma Willie Mae, my step mother. We have not seen her for a long time, since my Dad died in 1997, so I thought it was time for a visit. We called her and told her that we would be there in the morning and then barely made it before noon, but we got there none the less. She looked very good and we had a nice visit. She had gone to Naeglin's Bakery and bought some rolls and a half of a strudel, a German pastry that was delicious. We also took care of some family business that has been hanging around since Daddy passed, and that was a good thing.

Grandma Willie Mae has a little chihuahua dog that Adam, her grandson gave her after her other dog died. The little dog barked and barked and she told me to be careful of him because he bites. I didn't get too close to find out, but I think he had learned to tolerate me before we left.

We returned to Boerne and stopped at the Walgreens and got some items there. Stella's refill required a visit to her doctor before it could be filled, so it will wait a few days until we get back into Dickinson.

I went ahead and picked up our outside chairs and the other items that had been put out over the weekend in preparation of leaving on Wednesday. We stayed in the rest of the night.

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