Monday, December 22, 2008

Friday December 19, 2008

We got up today, expecting to have to go home for the night to take care of the boys while Kim and Jeremy went to a Christmas party for Jeremy's work. We left the park around 10AM and along the way, we decided to stop at a Sam's store on I-45 near Airtex. We stopped there because it was a store that we had never been in, so there might be something there that we really needed!

We got inside and began shopping when Stella had to call Kim to aske a question about a gift for Tyler. Kim told her that the party had been cancelled and we didn't have to go home. That was fine with us, so we continued to shop. We really didn't buy all that much at Sam's so we decided to stop at Gallery to look at recliners to put in the new trailer. We searched the store buy couldn't find anything we liked. It was disappointing that a store that big didn't have any more selection than they did.

We didn't know where there was a Lazy Boy store in this area. I know that Lazy Boy has some chairs of the right size for us, so we decided to drive up past Rayford-Sawdust to see if we could find a store. When we got to FM 242, we gave up and stopped at the Wal Mart store there. We spent a lot of money ($130.00) but it was all stuff we needed, with a few groceries thrown in.

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