Friday, December 12, 2008

Thursday December 11, 2008

I woke this morning with dread over the repairs to the truck. I called my buddy Barry who is the Parts and Service Director for Ron Carter in Texas City but when I told him about everything that happened last night he recommended taking it back to the GMC dealer, Gay Pontiac in Dickinson. Barry is the former shop foreman at Gay Pontiac so he is familiar with their service. I called Charlie who owns R & R Wrecker and is going to tow the truck and told him where to take it. I called Gay Pontiac and spoke with John about working on the truck. He said he would try to get it looked at today and would let me know what was wrong. As it worked out, he wasn't able to get a technician to look into my truck but promised to get to it tomorrow.

It sucks not having transportation! We were supposed to have gone back to Rayford today to meet Bill Sims who was coming over for a medical treatment in Houston. I had to call him and tell him what had happened and that we wouldn't be at the park today.

I did get my RV'ers Notebook software installed and set up. I had bought this softeware package after reading good reviews of it in a couple of RV forums. So far it has been easy but we'll see. I just hung out today and watched a little bit of television.

It sucks to not have transportation!

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