Friday, December 26, 2008

Thursday December 25, 2008

Christmas Day has arrived! I woke up early this morning to check if Santa had come, but he must not have been able to find us because there was nothing to be found here. It COULDN'T be that I've been a bad boy!

Melissa texted me to come pick her up around 10 this morning. Since we made the trip the other night, we knew the way and got there in no time at all. We went in and had a cup of coffee in her apartment before leaving to go to Kay's, my ex-wife and Jennifer and Melissa's mother. We used the Garmin to navigate to her house which amazed Melissa. She had never been down the street that we were directed to. When we got there, Kay was fixing our breakfast, so I went into the living room and hung our with Melissa until Jennifer, Jay and the guest of honor, Ian, got there. Kathryn, Jenifer and Melissa's step-sister arrived and hung out with us. We started to eat breakfast before they got there; I guess Ian had been checking out all the loot that Santa brought him.

After they got there and ate their breakfast, we had a gift exchange. Kathryn was kind enough to frame a picture of Jennifer and Ian for us. Of course, the floor was completely covered with wrapping paper, and Ian got even more loot!

We had a nice visit, but we all started to get drowsy and in need of a nap, so we gathered up all Melissa's stuff and loaded it into the truck. Jay came out to check my air horn, which I'm sure the neighbors were happy to hear sounding off. They were probably glad to see us finally leave. We dropped Melissa off at her place and came back to the trailer for the night.

Our first Christmas in the trailer is past, and was very nice. We had a very good time with the family.

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