Friday, December 5, 2008

Boomer Rally

Although I haven't posted anything since retiring, don't be misled, I haven't stopped writing, I've just been enjoying my first days of being retired. We laid around at Rayford for almost two weeks before coming to Boerne for the Boomer's Christmas rally.

We didn't get away as early as we wanted to but finally pulled out at 10 o'clock. We met up with Ted and Donna at the Magnolia high school, where they had pulled over to wait for us. It was a very uneventful trip with only one stop at the nice rest area at Columbus. We agreed there to turn off at Hwy. 46 to go around through New Braunfels to get to Boerne and arrived about 3 o'clock. I immediately found the 50 amp plug on my pedestal was burned up. I reported it to the office so they sent their repair man who changed it out for me. I learned that another Boomer, Harry Nevedomski, had the same problem, and when Dutch and Sandy Dinwiddie arrived their 50 amp plug was burned too. They had already changed out Harry's plug and Dutch only needed a 30 amp, so he was good to go.

We went out to eat at the Hungry Horse cafe. The food was very good, homestyle food with plenty on the plate. The downtown area seems to close up at dark, but they were nice enough to direct us to the Hungry Horse, a great choice if you're ever in Boerne.

Boerne is a very old town, originally settled by Germans. One of our old friends, Patti Kerlin, moved here from Wimberly after Tommy passed away. She told Donna that she lives in a new house that was painted to look old. I'm sure we'll see her house before we leave.

Since we didn't think to check into signing up for Internet service when we checked in, I did that this morning. At $3.00 a day, this could get expensive if we ever decided to stay at this park (doubtful) again. I also checked into the burn ban that is on for the county. The nice lady in the office told me that as long as I had a cover for the firepit, it should be fine. I hope that is the case because there are several that are expecting to have a fire this weekend.

Stella slept in this morning until almost 9 o'clock. I got up early as usual, and went out to take a walk up to the office. It's gonna be another beautiful day but cold all day.

So long for now.

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