Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday December 15, 2008

I went down to the rally hall for coffee with the guys this morning. When I went down there, the temperature was in the upper 60's. I hadn't been there 20 minutes when the temperature stated to drop and by the time we left, the temp was in the 40's, quite a change in so short a time! A cold front had come through and the temp continued to drop for the rest of the day.

We were supposed to have packed up to leave today. I had planned to take the porch and steps back to Ken in Manvel to have some modifications hade to them and to have them cleaned up and painted and to take the truck back to Soundjamz in Pearland to have the air horn repaired. I was also planning to take the truck by Manvel Auto Care to have the brakes looked at while I was there. We decided that since the weather had turned so bad, we really didn't want to go home today, so Stella called the park and got permission for us to stay 'til the weekend. There is a rally coming in and we will have to leave by Sunday.

Bill didn't want to stay, so he packed up and took off by 10 o'clock. I was glad to have had some time to spend with Bill and we won't see him again until we go to Cut N Shoot in January.

Stella wanted to get her hair cut, so I took her to a hair place near the Kroger store. While she was there, I took the truck to Ripley's Car Care on Rayford Rd. where I got a price to get the rear brakes repaired. Mark, the manager, gave me a price which I thought was very reasonable, and told me to bring it in today if I wished. This is quite a difference from many repair shops, who require a wait to have repairs made. I went and picked up Stella at the hair shop. She went next door to an AT & T store where she bought a new cell phone. She has been complaining about her phone for a long time, so maybe this will satisfy her for awhile. I bought a new battery for my phone, since it won't hold a charge any more.

After getting her phone, I dropped her off at the trailer and went back to Ripley's to have the brakes repaired. the right brake rotor was completely pitted and actually had three places on it where it had been broken by the brake pads being worn out and "skipping" over the rotor and causing it to break. It was a good thing that I had gone in to have them repaired. They also found a rear axle seal that was leaking that they repaired, making the total bill $623, a far cry from the $1,200 that I had been quoted at Gay Pontiac for doing the brakes only.

I came back home to find that Rick and Brenda had come over. I had left my phone in the trailer to charge the new battery that I had bought, so I was not aware that they were here. We decided to go to the Sweet Tomato restaurant for supper. We all like this place and I believe I could eat there two or three times a week.

We returned home and I finished up these entries.

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