Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tuesday December 16, 2008

Today was a pretty slow day for us. It is cold again, with a light rain falling and making it miserable to be out in the weather. I am rapidly getting over this winter weather!

I got up this morning and had coffee with the guys in the rally, then came back and took the stairs and porch apart to take it back to Ken to have some modifications made to it. He is going to change the way the rails attach, from a slide in connection to a screw-in design. He said he will sand it down to check for any rust damage and then repaint it. He is doing all of this for me because I bought one of the first units so he is willing to update it for me.

The first thing I had to do was to go back to Soundjamz in Pearland to have my air horn repaired. When I got there, their installer was running late, but as soon as he showed up he began working on it. He found that a relay under the hood had shorted out, which may have caused the ignition problem last week. Rick, the owner of the store, said it is impossible for the installation that they did to have caused the problem, but when the horn was unplugged, the truck worked fine. He replaced the relay and put it in another location under the hood so no water will splash onto it. The installer also found that the switch on the air compressor was bad which caused it to pump constantly and the over pressure switch to open to relieve the air pressure. He replaced it at the same time, so we'll see how long this lasts.

I returned home and we just hung out until late in the afternoon when Ricky came over to check on us. We hadn't seen them for a coulple of days, so he just came to check on us. We decided to visit the new Ace Hardware store which was opening today. Ricky went and picked up Dee and came by and picked us up. We walked around the store for awhile and of course, Stella and Dee bought a couple of items. Susan and Tommy called to say they were going to James' Coney Island for their supper. We decided to go with them, so we all met there. We came back home and hung out here for the rest of the night.

Til next time......

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