Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday July 5, 2009-Dickinson

Here we are at home at the Green Caye RV park in Dickinson.
We stayed home again most of the day. I went over to the house this morning and chopped away at the grass some more. I think that the only thing that I am doing is wearing me and the lawn mower out! It started out all right until about 9 o'clock when the temperature started rising. It didn't take long to get hot and for me to work up a sweat. I worked steadily at the grass, but it's so high, I have to hold the front of the mower up and cut off three or four inches, then lower the blade (which usually kills the mower) and cut down the rest of the grass. I worked about two and a half hours but when I cut off the bottom of the plastic piece that prevents rocks and other debris being kicked out the back, at the back of the mower, I quit. I did finish up some of the small areas and got a lot of the really tall grass cut but it's a lot of work.
I came back home and took a shower and worked on the computer. Stella fixed us some potato pancakes for breakfast that were very good, but filling.
I attached captions to a lot of photos, made new folders of places we've been and generally straightened up the Picasa album. As you can see (above) I've added my first photo to the blog. I'm learning....
I did chores around the trailer. I cleaned up some stains on the back of the trailer, ran the vacuum inside (who else is gonna do it?) and dusted around the television, which incidentally is still not working. It sucks to have a lazy day at home and no television. I had to spend my off-chore time surfing the net. I did get caught up with the new posts on a couple of the RV forums. I'm calling Samsung tomorrow to get someone out to check on the switch.
Stella fixed us some delicious home made chicken soup and baked a loaf of bread for our supper. She gave me a taste of the soup and you should be sorry you're not down here in the heat with us because it's goooood! Now we have some leftovers to munch on tomorrow.
Stella asked me to take her down to the washateria tonight. She said she had some large items to wash that won't do well in her home clothes washer, so I was happy to oblige her. We hadn't been told where the washateria was, so we had to search a little bit to find it. We did locate it and I dropped her off to do her chores.
Cassie is able to rest better today. Yesterday, being the 4th of July, bothered her because of all the fireworks being set off. There is little that could be done about it because we are just outside the Dickinson city limits and there are no laws or ordinances against fireworks in the county. I am so glad that little dog can rest for a change.
Kim and the boys should be on their way back from Ft. Worth today. I hope they have a safe and uneventful trip. Traffic wasn't bad yesterday and the papers said that a lot of people stayed home for the holiday because of the economy. Of course now the states are going broke with less fuel taxes being collected because people aren't traveling. Let me sell the house and I'll do my part.
So long for now.
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