Friday, July 17, 2009

Thursday July 16, 2009-back to Dickinson

We got up this morning on the Camping World parking lot and drank some coffee before putting everything away to go back to Dickinson. The new loaner television worked well, so we are good to go for now. We didn't want to fix breakfast this morning because we want to be on the road as early as possible, but not too early to avoid the bad Houston traffic. We did leave our spot about ten minutes until nine, but had to stop at the service desk to get Stella's keys back. They had to search for them, but soon found them at the technician;s bench. We ended up getting away about 9:15, or close to our planned time.

Traffic was not bad until we got to the exit for the Beltway 8 when there was a slow down. We made very good time back to Dickinson, in just a little over an hour travel time. We pulled into our site and in less than twenty minutes we were set up again including the porch and steps because we had left everything in place. We timed our return perfectly because the yard guys had just cut the grass in our site as well as others in the area. They did come back and blow off the concrete to remove the grass cuttings.

It was hot here but I think it was hotter in the CW parking lot. I guess it is the blacktop parking lot. We came inside to cool off-the Bighorn doesn't take long to cool down-and I soon fell asleep in my chair. When I woke, it was raining! Yes, cooling rain! It was nice outside after the rain but the sun came back out and it got hot again, though not as hot as before.

I took Stella down to the washateria this afternoon. It was a good day to get the wash done since we had spent all morning moving back into our spot. One bad thing that happened was that our Dish Network antenna didn't work. Of course, we had a different television but it wouldn't work. I programmed the air antenna and we got about 30 channels. I had to take out many of them because we didn't speak their language, but we still had the local channels. It was enough to keep Stella happy for the night.

I got sleepy and went to bed just after nine. Stella got a telephone call and came in and told me that Jeremy and the boys were playing golf right behind the trailer on the lighted golf course, but I think I was asleep before she finished telling me about them.

So long.

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